Grey’s Anatomy and ER: Nurses on TV

Shows like Grey’s Anatomy and ER have pushed medical professions into the spotlight. Although they tend to mainly focus on doctors, making their professions appear more exciting and others mundane in contrast. Are Nurses actually waiting in the background and doing basic tasks like they do on TV?

Dr. McDreamy and McSteamy are frequently seen running around the hospital, in reality you would be surprised to find out that nurses are providing many of the healthcare services that TV doctors provide. Nurses are busier and have a more exciting profession than most people think. Every day has its new challenges and you never fully know what to expect when you are a nurse.

Many students seek out nursing to make a difference. Others want to enter the profession because it is a stable career. Regardless there is one major reason to enter the healthcare industry, nurses and other healthcare professionals are in high demand. There is an imbalance in the ratio between nurses to patients due to the ageing population and the increasing number of nurses retiring. The healthcare industry is expecting considerable growth in the next few years which will result in a large amount of job creation.

So why consider becoming a Practical Nurse? It is a dynamic career and you can enjoy the prospect of being hired quickly after graduation. The nursing profession can be demanding and challenging at times, but rewarding at the same time. To become a practical nurse, you must get quality training. Sprott Shaw’s Practical Nursing program provides our students with the essential knowledge and experience needed to get hired. Our grads are working at most major hospitals and care facilities in the province.

Sprott Shaw stands out from the other post-secondary schools because we provide smaller class sizes, hands-on training, and programs that start on a monthly basis with no waiting lists.

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