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As we are moving out of the recession, everyone is wondering where the steady flow of income will be coming from and what the most stable careers are. There are industries that are considered to be booming right now and others that are expected to grow in the next few years. If you find yourself trying to decide what path to take, I would suggest considering the following four industries.

Health Care

As our population continues to age, there will be a large number of people retiring which means there will be a lot of vacant positions across the board. This is especially true in health care. The demand for nurses and health care professionals is increasing. Job stability and being hired quickly after graduating are some of the perks of this industry. In some positions, you can be expected to graduate in as little as 8 months and then become part of the skilled workforce.

Suggested Programs: Practical Nursing, Health Care Assistant and Pharmacy Assistant.

Child Care and Services

The need for childcare and services continues to grow steadily. The necessity and desire of both parents to work is increasing, which means childcare is needed more than ever. At a time where everyone’s careers are important and living costs are going up, it seems that the childcare system cannot keep up with the demand. High prices are an issue for childcare and there are long waiting lists. There are many opportunities for creating your own business and working in an ever-growing market. This is a market that parents will pay the extra dollar for. This is time to start training and creating new services for the public.

Suggested Programs: Early Childhood Education – Basic and Early Childhood Education – Post-Basic.

Programs and Services for Seniors

Our ageing population translates into a great need for caregivers and seniors services. Many seniors are living in retirement homes, hospitals, and there is an increase in those who want to continue to live at home. This industry is continually changing and becoming more specialized every year. There are opportunities for creating your own business and targeting niche markets.

Suggested Programs: Health Care Assistant.

Marketing and Sales

Other notable growing industries include marketing and sales. Online marketing and initiatives are everywhere; getting into this market now is crucial. Businesses are looking for talented professionals to tap into the online markets in an innovative and creative way. There are many opportunities in the business market and consulting industries. The need to attract customers to products and services won’t go away any time soon.

Suggested Programs: Global Marketing Management and Advanced Business Management and E-Commerce.

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