Making and Presenting Puppets in Early Childhood Education

Aglika Ivantcheva, a former ECE student at Sprott Shaw, who is very passionate about making and presenting puppets came and visit one of our New Westminister ECE classes recently as part of the Creating Resources course. Here is some of what she covered:

  • Using puppets as therapy for young children.
  • Showed the different types of puppets you can make and also buy.
  • Explained the importance of using puppets with children and the difference between a toy and a puppet.
  • How to use puppets for resolving conflict, guidance issues and problem-solving not only for children but also adults.
  • The importance of making puppets with children and letting them play with them not just take home as a craft.

It was a valuable experience for the students in having Aglika come in and they enjoyed playing with her puppets!

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