Making the Most Out Of A Career U-Turn

My journey with Sprott Shaw College began back in the early spring of 2012 when I suffered a career-ending injury and was no longer able to continue being a professional cook. Feeling lost and not knowing where I would fit in within the working world I enrolled in a two-week career planning class that was offered by Sprott Shaw College.

Chris S.

According to Statistics Canada, approximately 4.27 million Canadians 12 or older suffered from an injury severe enough to limit their usual activities. Amongst the number of adults surveyed, the study found that 47% of the injuries correlated with work or sports injury. While that number does not factor in the severity of an injury – the criteria considered “an injury severe enough to limit activity” – which points toward the limits an injury can have on one’s career.

A 2008 study by the Canadian Labour Congress discovered that Canadians suffering from a disability, including a work injury that affected their ability to pursue a career, faced higher rates of discrimination, lower incomes and overall found it harder to maintain steady employment.

Physical injuries are also not the only thing to consider. Canada has a high percentage of its workers in jobs they consider satisfying. In fact, as compared to other industrialized countries such as Germany, Netherlands, United States, and the United Kingdom, Canadians couldn’t be happier. However, there is still a percentage of workers that are not content, and that does not consider the percentage of those workers not in the labour market. For these outliers, an opportunity to seek a new career or retraining is vital.

Chris found that a two-week career planning class offered by Sprott Shaw was worth it. And they are. Sprott Shaw’s career planning courses provide those looking to change direction with the tools and support necessary. It also allows you to test drive a course before jumping in full force. Often, the only question is how to get started?

For Chris, it was the Community Support Worker Program. The course seeks to provide rehabilitation, support and other forms of assistance to children, youth and families. It’s perfect for those who want to give back to the community by helping those most in need. Under the tutelage of his instructor, Jem, Chris learned the necessary skills to become a successful Community Support Worker. By the end of his practicum, Chris found himself employed once again, working for a well-known organization in the province.

For those who are unable to work in their chosen industry, or are facing stress and job dissatisfaction, a two-week career planning course can be the push they’re looking for.

My experience with Sprott Shaw was positive and one I will never forget.”

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