Sprott Shaw Hero Highlight: Ma. Aristea Regalado

This week’s Sprott Shaw Hero is Ma. Aristea Regalado. In 2016, Aristea started and graduated from the Health Care Assistant (HCA) Program at our Maple Ridge campus. Today, thanks to her diploma in our Health Care Assistant Program, she is working at the Wesbrooke Seniors Living Community in Pitt Meadows as a Resident Care Aide (RCA).

sprott shaw hero resident care aide at senior long-term care facility wearing face mask

Responsibilities as a Resident Care Aide

As a Resident Care Aide at a senior living facility, no two workdays are the same for her as some days are busier than others. Aristea’s main responsibilities include providing holistic personal care to her residents and ensuring that their activities of daily living (ADLs) are met.

When she starts her shift in the morning, Aristea begins with helping the residents with personal care and medication. Once the residents are ready for the day ahead, she helps prepare meals in the dining room for both breakfast and lunch. Towards the end of the day, she wraps up her documentation and provides a briefing for the care aide who will take over her shift in the evening.

In addition to these responsibilities, Aristea also attends to any pendant calls and/or emergencies throughout the day. Whenever one of her residents require her assistance or support, she is there for them the second they call.

In her job, Aristea’s favourite part of the job is being able to fulfill her residents’ needs and make them happy.

A Career in Healthcare During a Global Pandemic

Needless to say, working in healthcare during the COVID-19 global pandemic is not easy for anyone. For Aristea, working in a senior facility during this time has made her more mindful of working safely and carefully to protect herself and others. To reinforce safety, she must always wear a mask or face shield, frequently wash her hands or use hand sanitizer, and wear gloves throughout her shift. Before COVID-19, none of these precautions were necessary.

The pandemic has also made her more aware of the residents’ needs not only physically, but holistically as well. As per the protocols implemented in long-term care facilities, friends and families are restricted from coming to visit the residents. As their care aide, she has seen a huge negative impact on the residents’ mental states because of this lack of connection with loved ones. To support them as best as she can during this time, she likes to offer a simple smile, pat on their shoulder, or just hold their hand to let them know that she is there for them – which makes a big difference.

With her career as a Resident Care Aide, Aristea could not be happier knowing she is doing something meaningful with her life. Thank you, Aristea, for the commitment you have to help your residents successfully live their lives.

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