Sprott Shaw Hero Highlight: Noah Kozub-Cluff

health care assistant ward aide sprott shaw hero at kelowna general hospital noah

Oftentimes, our biggest supporters are those closest to us – and that’s no exception for this week’s Sprott Shaw Hero, Noah Kozub-Cluff. For Noah, his mother inspired and encouraged him to pursue a career in healthcare, even so far as to help him find the perfect healthcare program to take based on his aspirations and goals. Throughout his healthcare education journey with Sprott Shaw, Noah’s mother also helped him find funding, made sure he ate well during school, and encouraged him to apply to the hospital he works at now. As his biggest cheerleader, his mother was and is always on his side.

From Student to Ward Aide at Kelowna General Hospital

Earlier this year, Noah jumpstarted his career after graduating from the Health Care Assistant (HCA) Program at our Kelowna campus.

Since starting his healthcare adventure, Noah has accomplished and achieved so much, making such positive differences in the lives of the patients he works with.

Currently, Noah is working at Kelowna General Hospital (KGH), one of Western Canada’s largest hospitals, but started with Interior Health in June at the Polson Residential Care in Vernon. At the care center, Noah worked as a Long-Term Care Attendant in a casual role throughout the summer. As a Long-Term Care Attendant, his main responsibilities were assisting and supporting the residents who lived at the care center with their activities of daily living (ADLs) like grooming, dressing, bathing, feeding, and more.

Now at Kelowna General Hospital, Noah works as a Ward Aide in the orthopedic and neurologic areas of the hospital, sometimes branching out into other areas like the cardiac care unit. For him, an average day involves supporting the floor by stocking, answering bells, setting up meals, preparing stretchers, and ensuring there is enough equipment available for the team. Since the nursing staff’s roles are to mostly care for the patients, Noah’s role is to help make the ship run smoother and to support and fill in when needed. As a Ward Aide, he says that it’s his “job to put out fires as much as possible, even prevent them, for the floor.”

From both of his work experiences at the Polson Residential Care Center and Kelowna General Hospital, Noah recognizes that his work at the care center was more focused on helping the residents, while at the hospital, his role is more focused on supporting the nursing staff to make sure they’re prepared and able to handle acute situations.

Working in healthcare, Noah’s favourite part of the job is seeing the positive impact he can have and will make on people’s lives. At the hospital, he really enjoys getting to escort people back to their loved ones for discharge – seeing their happy faces make this one of the job’s greatest highlights for him.

Is a Career in Healthcare for Everyone?

When asked if he would recommend others to pursue a career in healthcare, Noah said, “I would support anyone who said they want to get into the [healthcare] world – because [that’s what it is], an entire world, with many fields of study and career paths to take. I have come to enjoy it but my role isn’t for everyone, which is where healthcare has me sold. There are so many different roles and every area needs more staff. I wouldn’t be working in this field at all if I didn’t have my education. Sprott Shaw can put you on the path but you have to walk it.”

Thank you, Noah, for being so energetic and passionate about your work and what you do for others! We’re proud to have heroes like you on the field!

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