Sprott Shaw Hero Highlight: Sarah Calverley

sarah calverley sprott shaw hero

In late 2019, Sarah Calverley graduated from our Penticton campus, unaware of the professional and career opportunities that were waiting for her after her convocation. As someone who has always had a passion for young children, she decided to pursue a career in education, specifically early childhood education. After receiving her diploma and completing our Early Childhood Education Basic program, Sarah received the opportunity to work in the field of her dreams.

Six months ago, Sarah began her professional journey at Kiddie Hall Childcare as an Early Childhood Education in the Infant and Toddler program.

Life as an Early Childhood Educator

For Sarah, an average day as an Early Childhood Educator is lively and full of energy as she engages, connects with, and educates the children at the childcare centre. On a daily basis, Sarah and her co-workers will take turns carrying out their various responsibilities and duties. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Preparing healthy and nutritious snacks for the children
  • Helping the children sleep well during nap time
  • Taking the children out for a walk every morning
  • Planning interactive activities for art and circle time
  • Helping the children develop their gross motor skills through physical activities and exercises
  • Cleaning after the children are asleep
  • Changing diapers and taking the children to the bathroom

As an educator, Sarah’s favourite part of the job is engaging the children with circle time. During circle time, Sarah will gather the children around together for an activity involving everyone. Often times, Sarah and the children will get to have fun with fingerplays, chants and rhymes, stories, movement games, and much more.

In today’s current pandemic, it’s important for Sarah to keep her, her co-workers, and the children safe. In order to do this, every morning she provides the parents with wellness forms to fill out, takes the children’s temperature when they arrive, and cleans and sanitizes high touch areas twice per day. These precautionary measures help make sure that everyone in her care remains safe and healthy.

Thank you, Sarah, for your commitment to changing the lives of the children you look after!

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