What Makes Sprott Shaw’s Health Care Assistant Program Different?

Your journey to becoming a Health Care Assistant starts with your education and training. Because of this, it’s important for you to consider all aspects of the Health Care Assistant program you will be taking, including the method of delivery, curriculum, work experience opportunities, and more.

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At Sprott Shaw College, our Health Care Assistant (HCA) program equips you with the hands-on skills and knowledge to serve effectively as front-line healthcare providers in community and facility settings. As a measure of the success of our program, we consistently have employers stating that our students have exceptional employment requirements that make them hirable immediately after graduation.

As a graduate of our Health Care Assistant program, you will receive a portfolio demonstrating your competence that exceeds the core requirements of a Health Care Assistant. This portfolio includes a Medical Administration Certificate, First-Aid with CPR-C/AED Certificate, WHIMIS, and FOODSAFE. In addition to these training and certification opportunities, you will also receive a Palliative Care Certificate, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Certificate, Money Matters Certificate, and completion of SPECO (Student Practice Education Core Orientation). Most recently implemented into our curriculum, you will also receive additional education on Indigenous awareness and receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

Throughout your time as a student at Sprott Shaw, you will not only have lab time in class, but you will also have the opportunity to visit local facilities for hands-on training to see current policies and standards used in our communities. We will also schedule local trips for education in dietary requirements and post-mortem care tours and connect you with industry professionals and employers.

With our smaller class sizes, you will also have the chance to be mentored by our licensed instructors, many of whom still work in health authorities across the province and are educated with the current scope of practice.

All of these additional courses and opportunities will support and enable you to confidently enter any facility with all you need to start your new career as a competent and safe Health Care Aide.

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