Love Animals? You Could Work with Them Every Day!

As a pet owner, have you ever wished that you could bring your furry friend with you wherever you go – even to work? Our furry, scaly, hairless, and feathery pets are some of the most lovable companions we have, so it’s hard to leave them at home.

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Now, while you may not be able to bring your pet to work all the time, you can, however, make a career out of working with animals. (And that means getting paid to do what you love every day!) The Veterinary Assistant program offered at Sprott Shaw allows you to do exactly that.

Veterinary Assistant Job Demand

Fortunately, for those aspiring to pursue in the veterinary industry, there is a growing demand for workers in the field. According to the Canadian Animal Health Institute, there were over 8.2 million dogs and 8.3 million cats within households in Canada in 2018 – this equates to 41% of households that have at least one dog and 38% of households that have at least one cat. Moreover, these numbers only account for dogs and cats – it doesn’t even factor in other animals like hamsters, birds, turtles, and other pets. Given the steady rise in household pets, those pursuing a career in the veterinary field will also see a rise in job demand.

The Veterinary Assistant Program

Sprott Shaw’s Veterinary Assistant Diploma Program is 33 weeks long and prepares students for a heartwarming career in the veterinary field with in-class lessons, hands-on training, and practicum placement opportunities.

As an extensive college program, some of the topics covered throughout the curriculum include animal restraint, nutrition, veterinary care, pharmacology, clinical nursing, human relations, administration, and diseases and prevention.

Throughout the program, students will develop the skills to: Identify common small animal breeds; handle and restrain animals safely, perform receptionist and bookkeeping duties; understand parasite control and animal behaviour; demonstrate familiarity with common surgical procedures; understand basic veterinary terminology with applications to anatomy, physiology, and diseases; and assist vet techs and vets during x-rays and anesthesia procedures.

During the program, students will be offered practicum placement opportunities which will open the door to gaining industry experience and connecting with field professionals even before graduation. Our students have worked at a wide range of companies including Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley, Island Veterinary Hospital, Garden City Veterinary Hospital, Lifetime Veterinary Clinic, and more. Quite often, students are hired from their practicum placement, securing them with full-time jobs before graduation.

With the successful completion of the program, students will be equipped to work in the front-office with clients and their pets as well as in the back-office with the practicing veterinarians. Graduates will be qualified to administer a range of animal and veterinary care services in a variety of office and clinical settings not limited to the following: veterinary hospitals, animal emergency clinics, specialty veterinary hospitals, pet shelters, kennels, animal rescue centres, and zoos.

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