Victoria Healthcare & Nursing Programs Campus

Welcome to the Victoria Healthcare campus, home of our industry-renowned Health Care Assistant and Practical Nursing Programs!

This campus is dedicated to providing the ideal classroom and administrative space for students pursuing their careers in healthcare through our HCA and practical nursing programs.

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To reach the Victoria campus directly, please call 250.800.3822.

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Sprott Shaw acknowledges the traditional ancestral unceded shared territory of the Songhees, Esquimalt and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples, on whose lands we live and work.

Sprott Shaw Victoria Campus Designation Certificate

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Meet Our Victoria Instructors 

Aboubakar I  – Business

I have extensive experience in digital marketing and social media. I have been fortunate to work with YouTube, Thomson Reuters, ONE.Org and many other organizations on various social media campaigns. I have also worked with many 500 fortunate companies and major universities in Canada and globally. However, my passion is to teach, I enjoy helping my students learn, apply and move forward.

Curtis W – Business

I began my career as a secondary school teacher and since then, have taught at various universities and colleges for 36 years. My teaching has always centered in on English – both spoken and written. In my 12 years at Sprott Shaw, I have had the great experience of working with excellent colleagues and passionate students.

Jennifer N – Special Education Teaching Assistant (SETA) & Community Support Worker (CSW)

I spend much of my life advocating for social justice in the areas of disability and mental health since I graduated from the Community Support Worker (CSW) program at a local college in 1997. For 18 years, I worked at a community living organization in a variety of leadership positions, focusing my efforts on community inclusion, person-centered planning, and employee engagement. I earned my Master’s in Organization Leadership in 2012 and began my new career in college instruction, teaching community support, education assistance, and mental health.

Karin A – Health Care Assistant (HCA)

Since graduating from university, I have now been working in healthcare and nursing for over 38 years in various hospitals and complex care facilities in BC. I have always been extremely passionate about the care and well-being of my patients. A decade ago, I was given the opportunity to start teaching at Sprott Shaw which has been an exciting and knowledgeable journey.

Jonathon V – General Education 

Although I am still young, my professional life has been spent recognizing and developing the skills of my students. In my roles as a tutor, teaching assistant, immigration assistant, and now employment services specialist, I have always prioritized patience and empathy when working with others. Embarking on a new career path is nerve-wracking but I believe I excel at easing the transition for our students and help point them in the right direction.

Linda-Beth G – Practical Nursing (PN) & Health Care Assistant (HCA)

As a registered nurse (RN), I have loved nursing for more than 30 years. I have worked in various positions across several aspects of healthcare. I love sharing my passion and experience with new nurses and care aides – encouraging them to dream and be the best nurses and care aides that they can be!

Chie L – Business

I have a decade of office manager experience and business background to support the professional development of my business students at Sprott Shaw. With extensive knowledge as an international admissions advisor and employment services specialist, I equip students with the personal and professional skills necessary for success in the workplace.

Paulina D – Early Childhood Education (ECE)

I have been involved in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) profession for the last 10 years. I studied ECE at Sprott Shaw and am currently teaching that very program. I have worked in small and large group class settings in North America and the Caribbean. I have also taught children and adults in English and Spanish and worked in public and private schools.

Dena N – Early Childhood Education (ECE)

I have been in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) field since 2002. I received my Diploma in ECE from a college in Manitoba, which is where I am originally from. I have worked in a wide variety of educational settings with children of all ages. I have also facilitated a number of professional development workshops for other educators, and have now expanded my experience to teaching at Sprott Shaw.

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