Sprott Shaw Students Are Professional and Mature

We have had four or five students from Sprott Shaw Abbotsford, and one from Maple Ridge.

Without exception, all of our Sprott Shaw Practicum Students have been outstanding. What stood out was their heart for, and commitment to, helping children. The EA job is not primarily about technical skill, but demonstrating the ability and character to work with children and be aware of what teachers need in any given moment.

I have not figured out exactly what Sprott Shaw does to attract and train such high-quality students, but if I had to make a guess, I would say that the people who apply, generally have more life experience and are willing to make a greater sacrifice to advance their career. As well, the students from Sprott Shaw to have a great level of maturity and familiarity with the demands of the job.

In the case of every student, there was a professional level of dealing with colleagues and of putting the demands of the job before their own agendas. It was amazing how quickly they became part of our team in every instance.

Mike Abercrombie 
Deroche Elementary School 
SD 75 – Mission, BC.

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