New Born visits the New Westminster ECE Class

New Westminster ECE Class

On Thursday, March 22, 1012, the Early Childhood Education class at our New Westminster campus asked a family to come in and speak to the students. Jen Harris, and her 2 children, Mason (18 months) and Hannah (10 weeks) delighted our students. We are currently taking EC100 – Child Growth & Development, and that particular day our topic was “Newborns and their Physical Development.” Hannah was the perfect model for our students, so we could check her reflexes, discuss her sleeping and eating routines, and her behaviour. Mom Jen was very receptive to students’ questions and discussed childbirth, newborn behaviours, breastfeeding, toddler routines, and anything else the students asked. Jen is a graduate of Sprott-Shaw in 2006. Thank you, Jen, Mason and Hannah!

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