Meet Our Island and Interior Valedictorian Graduates

We are proud to introduce our 2023 valedictorian graduates from our campuses across the Island and the Interior regions of British Columbia. Our graduates have gained valuable skills and benefits from our diverse and supportive learning spaces at Sprott Shaw College. Now, they are ready to embark on a new professional journey. Read about their personal insights and the journey that brought them to their accomplishment at Sprott Shaw College.

Rebekah Aplin, our Valedictorian guest speaker representing the Nanaimo campus, spoke about leadership, enforcing what is right, and inspiring change wherever we go. “While our success stories may be unique, we all have it in us to be leaders. Never stop taking massive, imperfect steps towards your goals, and never doubt your ability to inspire change.”

Michelle Tomlinson, was our Valedictorian guest speaker representing the Kamloops campus, emphasized the importance of being perseverant and having a strong supportive system that pushes until you reach your goal. “I want to take this moment to express my gratitude to all the instructors, staff, and faculty…your guidance, encouragement and belief in us has been invaluable.”

Aria Dumalag, was our Valedictorian guest speaker representing the Victoria campus. Emphasizing the importance for everyone to appreciate what they have; Aria encouraged the audience to enjoy the process of pursuing a goal and to remember that success is not about grades or achievements. “I am here to remind all of you, success should be measured by the obstacles you had to overcome to succeed. You overcame your obstacles and made it here.”

Dominique Ledet, our Valedictorian guest speaker representing the Kelowna campus, spoke about the support received from our faculty members and the strong sense of community at Sprott Shaw College. “Nikki, Tammy, Dorothy, Penny, Scott; thank you for the knowledge, the opportunities, the humor, the patience, and words of encouragement no matter the situation.”

Raylene Tomkinson, our Valedictorian guest speaker representing the Penticton campus, spoke about overcoming her fears and becoming more tenacious through determination and support. “We have what it takes to be successful, now lies the challenge. Tenacity replaces fear and we have demonstrated our determination to have our goals realized.” 

We thank our Valedictorians for sharing their experiences. They represent the spirit of Sprott Shaw College, a community that cares about personal growth, fosters a culture of quality, and commemorates the accomplishments of its graduates.

With hard work, dedication, and a strong support system, anything is possible. We are proud of our graduates’ achievements and wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

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