Nanaimo Campus: 20 Years of Success

black and white newspaper ad for Sprott Shaw College Nanaimo campus

Time flies. This month, our Nanaimo campus is celebrating 20 years at their current location.

Since 1903, Sprott Shaw College has actively grown as a career college with a long-standing reputation of cultivating our students for outside-of-the-box thinking strategies through hands-on training and practical programs. Founded with a deep-rooted history originating back over 100 years, Sprott Shaw College is one of the oldest and largest private colleges in the country.

black and white newspaper ad for Sprott Shaw College Nanaimo campus

At the turn of the 20th century, the first Sprott Shaw College was established when Robert James Sprott partnered with William Henry Shaw of Shaw Colleges to open what was then called, Vancouver Business Institute. Soon thereafter opening the first college, it was renamed to Sprott Shaw Business Institute, a name that rings a more recognizable bell today. After the success of the first campus, Robert Sprott and William Shaw collectively decided to open more locations across cities in Western Canada including, Vancouver, Victoria, and Nanaimo.

Following over a century of success across 16 campuses in British Columbia today, one of our earliest campuses celebrates a 20-year milestone in their current location. This month, our Nanaimo campus celebrates 20 years of success in their current location. While the Sprott Shaw presence has been evident virtually since the inception in 1903, the current Downtown Nanaimo location is celebrating its 20th year.

Were you one of our Nanaimo campus students in the past 20 years? Browse through our gallery of moments below for a trip down memory lane. (Maybe you’ll even be able to spot yourself in one of the pictures!)

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