New Practical Nursing Patient Simulators at Sprott Shaw College

Sprott Shaw’s Licensed Practical Nursing program is getting a new patient! Meet CAE Juno, the brand-new patient simulator manikin available to our health care and practical nursing students.

At Sprott Shaw College, we pride ourselves on hands-on focused training and ensuring our students have the equipment needed to simulate a live work environment. In the case of our nursing and health care students, this means providing simulations of medical emergencies and procedures to prepare them to confidently enter the workforce.

Enter our new training manikin, Juno!

Practical Nursing students operating on nursing patient simulator training manikin, CAE Juno.
Sprott Shaw College’s new practical nursing training manikin, Juno, in action.

CAE Juno Manikins Are Now Available at All Sprott Shaw Nursing Campuses

Poor Juno has been admitted to Sprott Shaw nursing labs across BC and requires substantial medical assistance—this may be a trying time for Juno, but it makes for an excellent opportunity for our nurses-in-training. Complete with realistic organs and fluids, Juno provides comprehensive simulations for:

  • Chronic heart failure exacerbation
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding secondary to esophageal varices
  • Asthma management of a patient in a home-care setting
  • Postoperative care of a patient with complications such as pneumonia
  • Tracheostomy care with hypoxia
  • Basic assessment of a hip-replacement patient
  • Postoperative care of a patient with a colostomy
  • Seizure disorder and moderate learning disability
  • Dementia and urinary tract infection in a patient with DNR orders
  • And more!

Practical Nursing student performing an
Nursing patient simulator Juno receives an injection from a nurse-in-training.

Hands-On Nursing Training at Sprott Shaw College

We couldn’t be more excited by CAE Juno’s addition to our health care and practical nursing programs and can’t wait to let our students get their hands on them. Gaining practical skills is at the forefront of the Sprott Shaw experience, and we hope that high-end training equipment like Juno will give our nursing graduates an edge when they enter their field.

Interested in becoming a licenced practical nurse? Love helping others? Our health care programs are always enrolling thanks to our monthly start dates. Reach out to our advisors for free information about our Practical Nursing program today!

For more information about CAE Healthcare, visit: https://www.caehealthcare.com/about-us/

Images provided by and used with permission from CAE Healthcare

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