Alison Stathers, Community Support Worker – Social Services

Alison Stathers or Ali as she is warmly called by most people, is a recent Community Support Worker – Social Services graduate. She is a success story as well as an inspiration to her classmates.

As a CSWSS student, Ali received A+’s on all her courses while holding a job after attending her classes full-time in the morning.

While she was a student, it was normal to see Ali hanging around in her classroom to study or work on her assignments/projects while all her other classmates had already left after class. 

While preparing for her practicum placements, she was very proactive in deciding where she wanted to go for both practicum opportunities. She engaged in a lot of research and connected with ABA Learning Centre since Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) is the field in which she planned to use her knowledge and skills after completing the CSWSS program.

Ali was hired right after completing her required practicum hours at ABA Learning Centre as a Behaviour Interventionist. Thanks to the flexibility provided to her in the adult practicum placement at Strive Living Society, Ali was able to complete her adult practicum hours while already working at her new job at ABA Learning Centre.

Hardworking and self-motivated students like Ali who are committed to achieving their goal will no doubt succeed in their endeavours.

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