What were you doing before attending Sprott Shaw College?

I have been working in the retail business for the past fifteen years.

Why did you choose Sprott Shaw College?

I have heard a lot of good things about Sprott Shaw from my niece who had attended school there.

How was the admissions process?

It was very fast and easy.

What program did you choose and why?

I chose to take the Business Administration Management program with a practicum because I enjoy working in a retail environment with customer service.

What was the environment like during your time at Sprott Shaw College?

My courses were all online, and I had wonderful instructors that were easy to get along with, and understanding of my learning disabilities.

Where was your practicum or co-op and how was it?

I started off my practicum with a start up business named Karen’s Cafe And Gifts . But she quickly ran out of things for me to do as a business wasn’t ready to begin yet. I then moved on to Community Futures where I completed my practicum.

How long did it take you to find a job after graduation?

I was able to obtain a job straight out of my practicum with Community Futures.

Where do you work? Can you explain your duties?

I work at Community Futures where my duties are social, media management, and various Administration related duties.

If you could give advice to someone coming to Sprott Shaw, what would you say?

I would have to say that, no matter how tough your course seems. It is worth it to stick it out to the end, because the end results are worth the struggles.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Even though I struggle with some learning disabilities, the instructors were very caring and helped me through the difficult times. I found the instructors very attentive to their students.

Annette Barker,
Business Administration Management
  Chilliwack Campus

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