I’m a Proud Alumni of Sprott Shaw

Going back to school was the biggest decision I have ever made, especially if you are not from Canada, you lived independently and English is your second language. The Sprott Shaw College motto “To Teach, To Guide To Learn”, with the warm welcome every day (thank you Shelly, Fiona, Christine), very approachable staff and very accommodating and helpful Career Advisor Phil. I took a risk to go back to school and have a career. And now, I don’t regret my decision of 7 months ago. Only 3 weeks after I graduated as a Health Care Assistant, I was hired from the place I had my practicum.

I felt confident going to Sprott Shaw, the staff removed all my worries, they are very helpful to teach what you don’t understand which is a very important part of learning. I will always recommend Sprott Shaw College to all my friends because I know that they will never let you down, they are very approachable and they will really help you build your career and confidence. Sprott Shaw College is a very multi-cultural environment I met people from several different countries, and it’s amazing how they manage it.

Sprott Shaw College is there to help people not just to have a career but to help people choose the right career for themselves.
I am very proud of being an alumni of Sprott Shaw College!
More power, thank you and God bless.

Mary Grace A.
Health Care Assistant
Victoria Campus

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