Rose J., Administrative Assistant/Medical Office Assistant

I finished your AA/MOA program 10 years ago. I’m writing to thank you, for your major role in changing my life.

I was a struggling single mom of 6 when I started the program. I worked hard and graduated your program with a 4.0 97% overall. I started working at a local Doctor’s office before the program even finished. I’ve been there ever since. Starting January 1st, due to retirement, I will be an office manager. I make a good wage, and the patients love me.

But, the success story goes even farther than that. If I stayed working at Wendy’s, where I was before taking the program, I would never be where I am now personally. In that time, I managed to free myself from my abusive ex-husband, who went on to do a 30-day jail sentence and year of probation for what he did to us. 5 years ago I met and ultimately married, a man who changed my life. Today we are leaving for a 10-night cruise in the Caribbean. All my children have grown up wonderfully. My oldest went to UBC-O and is now an RN working at Penticton hospital. My 5th one graduates this year.

I attribute much of the changes in my life to have taken your program – it changed my life!

Thank you!

Rose J.
Administrative Assistant/Medical Office Assistant
Kelowna Campus

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