I Knew I Wanted to Help Others


It took me years to decide to try and make a change in my life. I knew I wanted to do something that would let me help others but always held back because of my challenges with dyslexia. I came in and met Phil and talked about my fears and ended up feeling positive that I could actually do this. I started the HCA program and met Edith and Karin. The way Edith taught the class and her teaching style really helped and we both had to learn how to get past my barriers and do things a little differently. We both learned from the experience, me how to get past certain things and gain confidence and her how to teach around it. I know that I wouldn’t have been successful with this if it wasn’t for the support of the whole team at Sprott Shaw…and of course my Mom. Thank you to all of you!! I am very excited that a few weeks after finishing I am starting my career as an HCA and can’t wait to put my skills to work and help others.

Trevor M.
Health Care Assistant
Victoria Campus

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