Intira Maimamueang, Early Childhood Educator

Intira Maimamueang, Early Childhood Education

What were you doing before attending Sprott Shaw College?

I came to Canada via an international caregiver program and after 6 years I became a Canadian citizen. I was a live-in nanny and did a part-time job as a bookkeeper.

Later, I decided to work as a full-time admin/bookkeeper for a construction company. Unfortunately, I was unemployed due to the economy. I then join the training program of WorkBC, and I choose the ECE program for my future.

Why did you choose Sprott Shaw College?

I picked Sprott Shaw for their Early Childhood Education program.

I have a passion for early childhood education, so I had to do a lot of research about possible training programs and the current job market. I researched three different schools to compare which one would best suit me.
The answer was the Sprott Shaw College because it was on the list of WorkBC-approved programs, had many locations to choose from, and has a long history with a good reputation.

The waiting time for the Early Childhood Education program was short, only one month to get started. I was impressed with the advisor; they showed me that there were many different program options to choose from for achieving my goals.

How was the admissions process?

It was fast, clear, and informative. My advisor was very professional, and I was impressed with our first meeting. Everything went quickly; there were no headaches.

What program did you choose and why?

I chose the Early Childhood Education program because I knew this is my passion and something I want to have a career in for the long term.

I wanted to continue my professional development, which is a long story: It started after I got a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations in Thailand. I wanted to see the world, so I went to the USA as an Au Pair and lived with a beautiful family. There I fell in love with this kind of job, so I became an Au pair in Australia and finally became a caregiver in Canada.

What was the environment like during your time at Sprott Shaw College?

It was a memorable experience for me from the first day I met the advisor, instructor and classmates. It was a healthy environment, supporting, encouraging, caring, and there was a natural feeling of understanding and diversity.

I was studying during the Covid-19 pandemic, but we were able to study without any big problems (unlike some other friends who were struggling with their online class), and I graduated on time.

Where was your practicum or co-op and how was it?

I had three practicums: 

  1. Brentwood Montessori Childcare (Montessori) 
  2. Dharma Kids Centre (Play-based) 
  3. Village Daycare Society (None profit)

It was an amazing experience for me to have the opportunity to do my practicum in 3 different settings. I learned and absorbed a lot from the hands-on experience and will be able to apply it to my work in the future.

How long did it take you to find a job after graduation?

I got a job offer during my practicum, but I didn’t take it at that time because of the covid-19 situation. I just applied for a job as an ECE a year after I finished school, and it took me less than a week to get the job!

Where do you work? Can you explain your duties?

I am currently working as an ECE Level 2 at Klorious Kids childcare center in Fort McMurray, Alberta. I transferred my British Columbia certification to an Alberta certificate without any trouble.

I am working in a preschool classroom with children aged 3-5 years old. My daily duties would are to open the classroom and sign the children in and out, helping and guiding them from breakfast time, circle time, providing activities, supervising during their play, recording, note-taking and sending reports to parents, planning and communicating with co-workers

If you could give advice to someone coming to Sprott Shaw, what would you say?

As a person who graduated from the ECE program from Sprott Shaw College, New Westminster, I would say don’t be afraid to ask any questions, share your opinion, or ask for help. The instructors and your classmates will be there for you.

Don’t be scared to go back to school again. More education and qualification will change your life. The curriculum and technology you learned from 10-15 years ago have all changed. No matter your goal, Sprott Shaw College will help you achieve your goal, and you will have a great experience here!

Especially international students, no matter what your first language is, Sprott Shaw College is very inclusive, and they understand the challenges that international students face!

Is there anything else you would like to share?

After I graduated with my qualification, my wage potential increased to $32-35/hr, and I now qualify to apply for travelling teacher/nanny/governess positions that can pay $80-$150K/year. I don’t want to apply for a travelling job anymore, but the opportunities are tremendous.

Instead, I’ve decided to use my ECE certificate to settle down, and I hope to open my own business/daycare when I am ready.

Intira Maimamueang,
Early Childhood Education Program
        New Westminster Campus

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