What made you choose Sprott Shaw College? 

As a Canadian student living in Northern B.C. at the time, I made my decision to apply to Sprott Shaw during the Covid-19 Pandemic. With so much uncertainty in our world and society, seeking applicable education to my future goals felt more important than ever. After many trials and error, the program was able to gain ground and establish content that aligned with a professional level of guidance. 

How do you feel about counselling as a career path? 

Although a counselling diploma is new to the field of education, I believe it can be a beautiful avenue for those who are already educated or extremely passionate, and willing to extend extra effort to advance their skills in areas that best serve an individual’s career goals. Professional Counselling will challenge you. You will be asked to dig deep within yourself, identify areas of your life that need tending, upgrading and further exploration.   

How was your experience in the Professional Counselling program at Sprott Shaw College? 

This program will create the foundation for change not only in your professional life but also what is personal. Above all, it was through the students and teachers that I gained skills that would not be found anywhere else. Due to class size, personalities and areas of expertise, my gratitude is placed greatly on the shared experience and vulnerability of the members involved in the program. I learned so much more than I expected because of the students, and I was challenged in unexpected ways because of the teachers. 

Regardless of the recent development of the program, the team at Sprott Shaw allowed for flexibility and transparent communication during times of struggle. The staff and facility created the space to empower its students in developing and using skills not only within the course, but when things were not so black and white.   

This program is a blend of course work, which can be challenging; you will experience days that feel like you were not meant for this career, but if you hold true to your autonomy, experience and further education, counselling is ultimately one of the most rewarding careers. 

Justus Irving,
Professional Counsellor program
New Westminster Campus

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