Krissy’s Story: Employment Before Graduation


Making the decision to return to school was the best, yet the scariest decision I have ever made. Sprott Shaw gave me the confidence, skills and the path to rise above anything I thought I was capable of. Not only did I graduate with a diploma, a myriad of tools under my belt, and extremely fond memories, but I also left with a new me. The Community Support Worker program changed me for the better and in turn a better mother to my two beautiful children, a better friend, and a better person in my community.

The mountains I saw before are now small in comparison. Armed with my education and nothing but confidence in myself I am ready to tackle whatever lies ahead. I feel extremely lucky to have found employment even before I officially graduated and I have the staff and my colleagues to thank for making my experience at Sprott Shaw College so amazing.
I had the pleasure of watching the college change while I attended, from the rebranding to the numerous fundraising activities to the amazing coffee maker in the student lounge. (Which I was personally excited for!!!). I feel lucky to have been a part of the amazing changes that have taken place.
Thank you Sprott Shaw!

Krissy D.
Community Support Worker Social Services
East Vancouver Campus

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