Natasha Cameron, Practical Nursing

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Natasha was five years out of high school by the time she decided to return to school. With where her friends were and what they were accomplishing at this point in their lives, she felt insecure and frustrated because she wasn’t where she thought she would be in life. Feeling alone and behind, Natasha began taking random classes in a university which she felt were pointless and didn’t help her achieve what she wants to accomplish in the future.

Instead of directionless classes, Natasha began working as a housekeeper at a care home where she received an immense amount of positive feedback and responses for her work. One of the residents left a striking comment with Natasha: He told her “how much he likes [her] as a person and thinks [she would] have the qualities to be a good nurse” which was heartwarming for her to know that her work was appreciated. This encouragement from a resident helped Natasha realize her potential in pursuing a career as a nurse.

For Natasha, her life “wasn’t moving forward as [she] wanted it to. [She] was working at a care home and [she] was proud of what was doing, but [she] knew [she] needed more education to go further.

Now having the vision and idea of what she aspires to be, Natasha studied at Sprott Shaw College to become a Licensed Practical Nurse and fulfill a career working in health care.

As a student, Natasha found that “it was really easy and quick to get in and make an appointment with the advisor [who] was really helpful throughout the process, explaining to [her] step-by-step what [she needs] and what [she needs] to do.

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