Passionate About Her New Career as a Healthcare Assistant

Joleen B. is passionate about her new career as a Healthcare Assistant. A single mother and previously employed as a landscaper, she was encouraged by her family to make a career change. She is now enjoying a job she loves, working full time. Joleen wowed her practicum employers and her hard work paid off as she was offered a position within a short time of graduation. She credits her instructors Gwen and Ev with calming her fears when she was feeling moments of doubt. Joleen states that she applies the skills learned throughout her HCA course on a daily basis and cares deeply for her residents. “I tell them I love them every day, and never leave for the day without said goodbye to each one”. Joleen has found that she particularly enjoys palliative care and is grateful to work in a setting where her coworkers are so positive, friendly and genuinely care for the well being of their residents.

Joleen B.
Health Care Assistant

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