Tor Erickson, Practical Nursing

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Tor was at his girlfriend’s house watching a live Facebook video of a house on fire, when he realized that it was actually his own house that was on fire. While there was no one in the building at the time and no one was hurt, it was incredibly difficult and disappointing for Tor to see his life, business, work, home, and independence taken away in a matter of minutes.

After the incident, Tor was stuck in a rut with life so he took some time to think about the next steps after this situation while sitting on a rock that was at the top of his house. At that peak moment, he realized that he actually “wanted to come back and be stronger, be better, and make something from this.”

From the tragic incident, Tor went on to study at Sprott Shaw College in Practical Nursing because he “knew [he] wanted to help people.” He wanted to become a nurse because it’s something he’s always wanted to do with his family’s influence with his father being a teacher, and mother and grandmother being a nurse.

Prior to selecting an educational institution, Tor researched several options but saw that many of the schools have long waitlists. These schools weren’t going to work for him because he “wanted to be able to go back to school right now. However, Sprott Shaw was able to get [him] to go back to school as soon as [he] applied.”

Today, Tor recognizes that his study at Sprott Shaw is one of the best decisions he’s ever made because “looking back on it now, [he] sees this as a positive. [He’s] been able to get back to school and pursue [his] dreams.”

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