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Grant Program – Terms and Conditions

For any grant issued by Sprott Shaw College to be valid you must agree to the following terms and conditions.

I acknowledge this grant cannot be used by registered students.
I acknowledge and accept that this grant is awarded at the end of the program only.
I agree to fulfill all financial, academic, and attendance obligations to the school before graduation or this grant is null and void.
I understand that I must successfully complete all courses within the program during the contracted duration of the program to receive this grant.
I understand that this offer may not be combined with any other grant program.
I agree that this offer has no cash surrender value.
I agree that this grant will be null and void should I cancel or be disenrolled from the program.
I understand that a restart will render this grant null and void. This grant may not be transferred to another program under any circumstances.
I understand that if I am on student loans this grant will be deposited into my student loan account(s) per the grant payment breakdown. The grant payment breakdown will be determined once I receive my consolidation agreement(s). It will detail my grant payment schedule.

EI and certain other external funding providers may have eligibility requirements. students may be eligible (circumstantial). Talk to your Director and EI case manager.

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