Sprott Shaw aims to foster an inclusive and accessible learning environment by reducing barriers for all students, including those with disclosed disabilities through the use of  “Learning Accommodations”.

Such accommodations refers to an adaptation or alteration of the teaching environment, materials, or means for assessment for the purpose of providing a student with a disclosed physical or mental disability an alternative method for meeting the essential requirements of the program. Learning accommodations are made to reduce any barriers that prevent the student’s ability to engage in the program but does not modify the required learning outcomes nor lower the standards of evaluation.

A student who is seeking an accommodation has an obligation to be proactive and make the request prior to the commencement of the program so that the college can work in collaboration with the student to determine if/how reasonable accommodations can be made. Reasonableness is determined by modifications to be taken by the college that will enable academic standards to be maintained and for regulatory and legal obligations to be met, without causing undue hardships.

For more information on making a request for accommodation, please speak with your Admissions Advisor or Campus Director.


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