Minimum Age Requirement

Sprott Shaw College is committed to adult student learning, a mature student is defined as:

  • Someone who is 19 years or older by the start of their program, and at least one year out of school; or
  • Someone who is 17 years of age and can provide proof of high school graduation or completion of grade 12. 

Practical Nursing and Practical Nursing Access are the exceptions to this policy:

  • Clinical/Practicum. For further details please refer to the policy: Minimum Age Requirements for Programs governed by the CCALA

High School Graduation

  • Depends on program

Other Requirements

All mature students must meet Sprott Shaw College’s general admission requirements.

Minimum Age Requirement for programs governed by the CCALA

Sprott Shaw College requires that all PN or PNA students be 19 years of age or greater by the first day of Consolidated Practice Experience 1 (CPE1). Handling medication is a requirement for program completion. PN and PNA students under the age of 19 are not permitted to store, handle, or administer medication in these settings as per the Community Care and Assisted Living Act (CCALA), October 2022.

Administration of medication

70   (1)In this section, “prescribe” means to authorize a pharmacy to dispense a specified medication, including a medication not listed in Schedule I, IA or IV of the Drug Schedules Regulation, B.C. Reg. 9/98, for administration to or use by a designated individual.

(1.1)A licensee must ensure that only medications that have been prescribed by an authorized health professional are administered to a person in care.

(2)A licensee must ensure that employees who store, handle or administer medication to persons in care

(a)are 19 years of age or older, and

(b)have successfully completed any training programs established by the medication safety and advisory committee.

HCA and ECE, which are also governed by the CCALA, students under the age of 19 are permitted to enroll in the program but will not store, handle or administer medication to persons in care. During clinical/practicum placements, handling medication is not a requirement for program completion.


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