Having the flexibility to learn through a method that best suits your learning style is one of the benefits of choosing Sprott Shaw College. For our students, we offer programs in three different learning environments – on-campus, online, and blended. For all three learning environments, class sizes are small and have a small instructor-to-student ratio, allowing you to get the most out of your education.

On-Campus Learning

On-campus learning is the traditional way of learning where you will physically come to campus and learn in a physical classroom setting. This delivery of learning allows you to learn in a hands-on environment, which is best suited for those who prefer tactile learning. In a physical classroom setting, you can also interact with your instructor and classmates in a closer, more intimate one-on-one setting – which supports your learning and fosters bonds and lifelong friendships with your peers.

Online Learning

Online learning is a method of learning that is based entirely online,* which allows you to learn from anywhere where you are most productive – whether it’s your living room, favourite coffee shop, or local library. This method of learning is convenient and means you don’t need to commute to school every day. Our online learning is delivered via WebEx, which means that while classes are remote, the experience is still interactive as you learn in a face-to-face, instructor-led format from wherever you want.

* Please note that while the majority of learning will be done online, some programs may include practicum and co-op opportunities which will require you to physically attend your work experience placement.

Blended Learning

Blended learning is a fusion of on-campus and online learning. Through blended learning, you get the best of both worlds and have the opportunity to physically attend classes some days and learn online on other days. This method of learning helps you optimize your education experience as you get the benefit of one-on-one attention from your instructors when learning on campus and the convenience of being able to learn from anywhere during your online component.

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