The Benefits of Attending Sprott Shaw College

As the oldest private college in British Columbia, Sprott Shaw has established a deep-rooted reputation of preparing our students for valuable careers through innovative approaches to thinking. Within the past century, we have also been notably recognized for the distinctive advantages and benefits we offer both our current students and alumni.

By becoming a Sprott Shaw student, you not only set the stage for your career, but you also grant yourself with all the benefits of joining the Sprott Shaw community. Keep on reading to find out what some of the perks are!

1. Lifetime Access to Employment Services Specialists

After you graduate, one of the biggest concerns you probably have is finding a job (and how to avoid the dreaded unemployed status). We know that the job market is difficult and competitive enough (and the stresses of the search don’t ease the situation), so we want to help you. For Sprott Shaw students and alumni, they don’t need to stress during the job search because they have lifetime (yes, you read that right!) access to our dedicated Employment Services Specialists (ESS).

Sprott Shaw College Students getting ready for interviews

As a Sprott Shaw student and alumni, you will receive lifetime support finding a job that suits and interests you based on your skills, past experiences, interests, and passions. All of our specialists are supportive, helpful, and knowledgeable across an extensive range of industries.

Our Employment Services Specialists are also available to help you write and edit your resumes and cover letters. Receiving feedback from specialists who have examined thousands of successful (and not so successful) documents will help elevate your own resume and cover letter. Our ESS can even help you brush up on your interview skills and practice some mock interviews. The practice you have beforehand will help you to feel more comfortable during your actual interview.

Plus, each campus has its own job board so you can always drop by to see any available opportunities and speak with one of our ESS anytime. 

Once you’ve found a job, don’t forget to ring the bell at your home campus to celebrate your success!

2. Receive the Recognition of Attending a Designated Educational Institution

By attending Sprott Shaw College, you experience a distinguished education experience at a college that is officially designated by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills, and Training. PTIB is the institution that administers the Private Training Act and its associated regulations. As an organization, PTIB is responsible for: Ensuring institutions meet the requirements and standards for certification; maintaining a Private Training Institution Directory of all formerly and currently certified institutions and the programs they provide; providing student protection; and overseeing the Student Tuition Protection Fund.

Furthermore, Sprott Shaw College is also sealed with the Education Quality Assurance (EQA) designation that identifies British Columbian public and private post-secondary institutions that have met or exceeded the provincial government recognized quality assurance. The EQA provides one standard provincial seal that is recognized globally as a symbol of quality and allows students to identify which provincial institutions the government of B.C. recognizes as having met quality assurance standards.

To learn more about our designations and affiliations, click here!

3. Access to Lifetime Course Refreshers and Skills Upgrading

For Sprott Shaw students and alumni, we offer lifetime access to course refreshers and skills upgrading.

With the passing of time, the skills and knowledge required to effectively perform a task may change. Considering how much has advanced within the past decade alone, it’s not a surprise that the world is constantly evolving. Because of this, we understand the importance of skills that may need sharpening and refreshing, which is why we offer course refreshers and skills upgrading for our students if they ever need an upgrade in the area they trained and studied in.

4. Flexibility to Start Classes When You Want To

As a student, having the ability to start classes when you want to is an advantage when some schools only offer 2 enrollment periods throughout the year – January and September. Having limited intake schedules can delay and defer your study and career plans for a significant amount of time – which puts your life and aspirations on hold.

One of the advantages of attending Sprott Shaw is the flexibility and convenience to start your studies when you want to – no more waiting for September or a new semester to be able to go back to school. Our monthly enrollment dates also allow for no waitlists, so you really can start your education when you want to.

With our frequent start dates, our students can study, graduate, and become job-ready sooner so they can enter the workforce sooner.

5. Access to Conveniently Located Campuses Across B.C.

Long commutes are one of the many things post-secondary life is associated with. Sometimes, these long commutes can be tedious and tiring – especially when you’re commuting in Vancouver (also appropriately recognized as Raincouver) where it rains over 150 days each year on average. While we love the vibrant city, we know it’s not exactly fun to commute in the rain.

With 16 campus locations across British Columbia, you don’t need to transit long hours back and forth every day anymore – in whatever weather B.C. brings. Sprott Shaw’s many convenient locations allow you to attend a campus that’s close and accessible to you. In fact, you can even transfer between locations if you ever move, relocate, or receive employment in a different city. 

With campuses in East Vancouver, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Kamloops, Richmond, Nanaimo, and more, you’ll be able to find a campus near you.

6. Enroll in Programs that Embed Skills and Strategies for Student and Career Success

Sprott Shaw College practical nursing students in front of campus

At Sprott Shaw, we want our students to thrive. This is why most of our programs include courses to provide students with the skills and strategies to succeed in their educational, professional, and personal lives. Some of the topics covered by these courses include time-management strategies, effective studying habits, test-taking skills, wellness and self-care, career preparation, and financial literacy (which includes savings and retirement strategies, student loan repayment, goal setting, budgeting, and more).

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