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If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in business or administration, or almost any industry for that matter, you’re going to need to be competent and proficient in a variety of Microsoft (MS) Office platforms. MS Office is one of the most popular office applications and is being used in thousands of companies and industries across the world. Because of this, proficiency in MS Office is important in helping you successfully land your next job.

At Sprott Shaw College, many of our Business and Administration programs include interactive training in MS Office applications like MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Access. Through an intensive 40-hour program for each application, you’ll learn more than just the basics – you’ll also learn some new tips and tricks that will help increase your work productivity and make your tasks more efficient.

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As a student at Sprott Shaw, you will have access to the MS Office 365 software package, which includes Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more.

Each MS Office course offered at Sprott Shaw consists of lectures and demonstrations on different topics in each course with most of the learning completed through an interactive, simulation-based learning system online, where you can complete practice assignments, tests, and computer projects.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is an application that is best used for word processing and document creation. In our MS Word course, you will learn how to:

  • Create, edit, format, and customize documents, reports, and multi-page documents
  • Draft and design tables, columns, and graphics
  • Compose templates and merge mail
  • Use desktop publishing and apply graphic features
  • Work collaboratively to integrate other applications like Excel and PowerPoint into Word
  • Build and arrange forms and master documents

While not required, we also offer optional additional training for students who wish to excel in:

  • Using customer styles and building blocks
  • Generating advanced tables and graphics
  • Automating tasks and using templates and macros

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is an application that is best used to record and analyze numerical and statistical data. In our MS Excel course, you will learn how to:

  • Create, edit, share, and protect workbooks and multiple Excel sheets
  • Use Excel formulas, functions, and conditional formatting
  • Build and edit charts and tables
  • Sort and filter through data
  • Record and adjust macros
  • Construct and set data validation

While not required, we also offer optional additional training for students who wish to excel in:

  • Adopting and managing Excel decision-making tools
  • Understanding and formatting XML schema

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is an application that is best used for database management and storing information for reference, reporting, and analysis. In our MS Access course, you will learn how to:

  • Devise and formulate databases and tables
  • Operate design view, data validation, and relationships
  • Define and implement queries
  • Establish and generate forms and reports
  • Integrate applications
  • Design and manage databases

While not required, we also offer optional additional training for students who wish to excel in:

  • SQL
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After completing your training in our MS Office courses, you will have the confidence to use applications to prepare any type of document, spreadsheet, or slide presentation, as well as effectively communicate using email and schedule with calendars. You will also have developed the fundamentals of database management.

By the end of the courses, you will have the competence and foundations to apply what you’ve learned in the course to the specific career you are pursuing as each course is catered towards the program you are taking. By this, we mean that the MS Office course that is taught in the Legal Administrator program will be slightly different from the one taught in the Sales and Digital Marketing program as they will be tailored for each specific career path.

Upon successfully completing our three Office courses, you will also have acquired the skills to write the MS Office Core Exams for each respective application, if you choose to do so, and can receive certification for your knowledge. Please note that writing this exam is optional and outside of the scope of Sprott Shaw College. 

Business Fundamentals Program

If you are interested in a short program that includes all of these Microsoft Office courses with additional training in bookkeeping fundamentals, accounting principles, business writing, career and professional development, and effective communication, our Business Fundamentals program features all that. For students who wish to gain relevant work experience as well, this program is also offered with a co-op and practicum opportunity.

To learn more about our MS Office training or which specific programs include these courses, contact an admissions advisor below!

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