Sprott Shaw Hero Highlight: Nicci Lee Jensen Harrison

sprott shaw hero nicci

While it may have been a few years since Nicci Lee Jensen Harrison graduated from Sprott Shaw, it is still so inspiring for us to see the successes our students set out to pursue and accomplish – especially in this trying time.

In 2013, Nicci graduated from our Nanaimo campus as a student in our Health Care Assistant (HCA) program. Since then, she has been and continues to be leading a successful career as a kind and caring Health Care Assistant in British Columbia. Today, she is a Health Care Assistant at two senior centres in BC, helping residents live their lives to the fullest. Nicci leads a busy life as she works at Wexford Creek Seniors Community in Nanaimo full-time and Oyster Harbour Seniors Community in Ladysmith part-time.

Life as a Health Care Assistant

As a Health Care Assistant, an average day for Nicci consists of her and her amazing team pulling together to take care of the residents and ensure they look and feel their absolute best. For Nicci, her favourite part of the job is laughing with and enjoying the time she has with her co-workers and residents as she is grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a supportive and kind-hearted family. Since she has been working at Wexford Creek Seniors Community for nearly 7 years now, everyone there truly feels like her home and family.

sprott shaw hero nicci

Nicci’s passion and drive for a career in healthcare stemmed from her personal experience with hospice care. When a family member was nearing their final days, Nicci was the one who took care of them and from this, she saw that she could see herself helping and supporting others as a career. For Nicci, she “wouldn’t change [her] career for anything. Some days are hard, but the reward is much greater. [She loves] her job and [she is] so proud to be a care aide.”

Thank you Nicci for pursuing a career in healthcare and changing the lives of the residents and seniors you work with for the better.

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