Sprott Shaw Hero Highlight: Winnie Orlina

Often times in life, there comes external circumstances and conditions that hold us back from pursuing what we love to do. This week’s incredible Sprott Shaw Hero, Winnie Orlina, shares her story of how she was able to fulfill an inspiring career in healthcare despite traditional factors holding her back like her age, culture, and status.

sprott shaw hero winnie orlina

Winnie’s educational journey at Sprott Shaw started in 2013 when she enrolled in our Health Care Assistant program at our East Vancouver campus. Flash forward six years, she returned to the same campus to advance her career and achieve more with her life. In November of 2019, Winnie graduated from our Practical Nursing program as one of the class valedictorians candidates – ready to make a difference in the world!

Working as a Licensed Practical Nurse

In September of 2016, Winnie started working at Capilano Care Centre in West Vancouver as a Health Care Assistant. After graduating from the Practical Nursing program and passing the BCCNP CPNRE exam, she was qualified and licensed to work as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). On May 20th, 2020, Winnie was officially hired at Capilano Care Centre as an LPN!

When working with her patients, Winnie always gives it her all – which is what inspired her to return to school to take a Practical Nursing program. She wanted to be able to offer more for her patients. Having the passion to help and care for others drove her to want to be further involved in the level of care she provides for her patients.

At the care centre, Winnie takes care of the residents and patients in long-term care with palliative cases. Since the start of the pandemic, an average day at work for Winnie has predominantly consisted of monitoring her patient’s present health status. So, if any of her patients exhibit any signs or symptoms, her main responsibilities as a nurse are to engage in:

  • Appropriate medication administration
  • Wound dressing
  • Taking vital signs and assessments
  • Leading the floor for her coworkers

Winnie’s favourite part of the job is communicating with the attending physicians and families in the care centre because this helps her expand her horizons and skillsets on how to deal with the challenges of her everyday routine. Challenges in her daily life help her stay on top and focused on her job.

From a young age, Winnie has always wanted to pursue a career in healthcare because she has always wanted to do more to help the people in her lives in a meaningful way. Despite her age, culture, and status in life, Winnie believes and knows that she can help and teach others. With her passion for teaching and healthcare, she plans on teaching a nursing class while also being a full-time nurse.

As Winnie says, “it’s not too late to pursue a new career that will expand your wings [and] that will make you feel happy and content. Nothing is impossible as long as you are determined.”

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