Community Support Worker Speaker in New Westminster

Community Support Worker

Bimila Spencer from the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MFCD) gave a presentation on the Ministry to New Westminster Community Support Worker (CSW) students recently. She discussed; what the roles and responsibilities are of an MCFD worker, gave an explanation of what child abuse and neglect is and what are the warning signs, the duty to report child abuse what to do when a child discloses abuse, what happens after disclosure and the role of the child welfare worker and also the role of the police and the youth agreement contract, what it is and who it is for. The Students and Staff of the New Westminster campus appreciate Ms. Spencer’s visit!

Sprott-Shaw’s Community Support Worker – Social Services program meets the growing need for assistance with pregnant teenagers, homeless persons, children with special needs, and those with substance abuse problems. Contact your local campus for more information.

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