What LPN Course Are You Looking For? Your Practical Nursing In BC Guide

What kind of Practical Nursing program are you looking for? LPN Course details and everything you need to know about starting Practical Nursing in BC.

Becoming a nurse is so much more than just pursuing a career – it’s also a passion for many people who want to help and support others. As an aspiring Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), you want to find and take a practical nursing program that sets you up for success in your career.

Practical nursing programs in BC are all different, so you want to find one that speaks to you and is aligned with your goals, requirements, and aspirations. As one of the largest practical nursing trainers in British Columbia, Sprott Shaw’s Practical Nursing program could be just what you’re looking for.

What Is the LPN Course at Sprott Shaw Like?

To learn more about our Nursing program in BC, hear first-hand from a few of our graduates on their learning experience at Sprott Shaw.

Before studying at Sprott Shaw College, Kirby L. Opiña was working as a server at a local casino, providing customer service to the casino guests.

After graduating from our Practical Nursing program, he became a Patient Care Attendant at St. Paul’s Hospital, working in the Operating Room, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, Surgery Ward, Medicine Ward, Mental Health Unit, and Cystic Fibrosis Acute Unit.

sprott shaw hero kirby opina
Kirby L. Opiña, Sprott Shaw Practical Nursing Program Graduate

Kirby’s favourite part of attending Sprott Shaw was his instructors – they provided him with “tips and strategies on how to prepare [himself] for employment in the future” and “taught [him] how to be more knowledgeable and competitive.” When asked if he would recommend Sprott Shaw to friends and family, he said, “Absolutely, yes! I want them to experience not only quality education but also how the school took care of every student and made [us] feel that [we] are welcome in the campus. That’s why I highly recommend for everyone to experience Sprott Shaw.”

Becoming a nurse is something that former student, Tor Erickson, has always wanted to do since his father was a teacher and both his mother and grandmother were nurses. Before selecting which practical nursing program to take, Tor had researched several options but saw that many of them had long waitlists – which wasn’t going to work for him because he wanted to be able to go back to school immediately.

After finding Sprott Shaw, he decided to take our Practical Nursing program because he was able to go back to school as soon as he applied. At the end of his journey as a student, Tor recognizes that studying at Sprott Shaw is one of the best decisions he has made because he has been able to go back to school and pursue his dreams. 

Watch Tor tell his story below:

Before the start of her educational journey with Sprott Shaw, Kylie MacNeill was a stay-at-home mom, just finishing high school. Since graduating from Sprott Shaw’s Practical Nursing program, Kylie has had the chance to work in acute care on medical-surgical floors, in special care Geriatric psychiatric units, and in complex care facilities.

KYLIE M. Sprott Shaw Practical Nursing Program graduate

When asked if she would recommend Sprott Shaw to her friends and family, she said, “It all started for me when I enrolled at [Sprott Shaw]. By that, I mean, life started. The supportive environment at Sprott Shaw drove me through the nursing program and inspired me to strive for educational excellence. The instructors were really patient and did everything in their power to ensure every student’s success … I’ve now been nursing for 8 years. I love the job today now more than I ever have. My education really prepared me for a collaborative, fast-paced work environment … It was the best decision I ever made. I now solely support myself and my three beautiful children … There’s nothing more empowering than being able to say I can take care of myself and my family thanks to the hard work and dedication I’ve put to the career of my dreams.” 

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The Benefits of Sprott Shaw’s LPN program?

Like many of our other programs, the hands-on nature of the program and our instructors’  real-world experience make Sprott Shaw one of the best educators for practical nursing in BC. Our Practical Nursing program is renowned for equipping students with all the skills required to start their careers fully prepared.

Group of nursing students practicing reanimation task on model

The field of nursing is rewarding but challenging, so it’s important to take your practical nursing training at an institution that develops knowledgeable, safe, competent, and nurturing nurses. One of the best ways to foster your competency as a nurse is by gaining work experience in an environment that will allow you to practice your skills under the supervision of a qualified healthcare professional.

At Sprott Shaw College, our Practical Nursing program includes preceptorship, clinical, and practicum opportunities with health authorities across BC including Provincial Health Services Authority, Vancouver Coastal Health, Fraser Health Authority, Island Health, Northern Health, and Interior Health Authority.

After you complete a practical nursing program and before you officially become a Licensed Practical Nurse, you will need to take the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE) held by the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM). Passing the CPNRE will grant you the title of Licensed Practical Nurse and commence the official start of your new career in practical nursing in BC.

medical professional posing in triumph

 At Sprott Shaw, we want our students to excel and thrive in their field so our Practical Nursing program includes exam preparation and study guides for the licensing exam – at no additional charge – so you can head into the exam feeling prepared for what will come your way. 

Moreover, after completing our Practical Nursing Program, graduates will have the opportunity to pursue further education built upon their current education. Sprott Shaw’s Practical Nursing graduates are eligible to apply for Athabasca University’s Bachelor of Nursing (Post-LPN) program. This bachelor’s degree opportunity allows our students to continue studying for their Bachelor of Nursing in a shortened time frame because of their studies at Sprott Shaw. 

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