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Thank You to Instructors, Classmates, Practicum Hosts and My Family

When I started this program I thought I wouldn’t graduate from this program because I had no experience in the...
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My Instructors Were Very Understanding and Helpful

Your staff’s contributions to my studies are greatly appreciated. I would like to thank Ed, Jeanette, Jaime and Laurie. I...
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I Couldn’t Have Made It Through this Challenging Experience Without [Your] Help and Support

My name is Brandy Schlemko; a former student and graduate of Sprott Shaw College. I would like to share with...
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Rose J., Administrative Assistant/Medical Office Assistant

I finished your AA/MOA program 10 years ago. I’m writing to thank you, for your major role in changing my...
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I’m Proud and Fortunate that I chose Sprott Shaw College

Thank you for all the support, guidance and teaching you have given me as an ECE student. Now, that I...
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