Announcing the 2021 recipients of Sprott Shaw’s BC Scholarships

Sprott Shaw offers a variety of Scholarships to reward some of our most outstanding students. Our scholarships and grants take into account the unique challenges, interests, and passions of each applicant.

The difficult decision-making process has concluded and today we would like to announce and congratulate the following Scholarship recipients:

Personal Growth and Fortitude Scholarship (Healthcare)

Quinna S. has been awarded the Personal Growth and Fortitude Scholarship and will be attending our Kamloops campus while taking the Practical Nursing Program.

Sprott Shaw’s Personal Growth and Fortitude Scholarship acknowledges students in our Healthcare Programs who have demonstrated uncommon fortitude while facing the challenges of mental health within their family, friends, and/or community.

Sprott Shaw Nursing Scholarship (Practical Nursing)


Hayden P. has been awarded the Sprott Shaw Nursing Scholarship and will be attending our Surrey campus while taking the Practical Nursing Program.

Passing It Forward Scholarship (Education)

Jessica Q. has been awarded the Passing It Forward Scholarship and will be attending our New Westminster campus while taking the Early Childhood Education Program.

The Passing It Forward Scholarship recognizes and supports students pursuing a career in the childhood and education sectors.

Anna Sprott Scholarship (Business)

Amber C. has been awarded the Anna Sprott Scholarship, recognizing women interested in pursuing their career in the business field, and will be attending our Kelowna campus while taking the Business Administration Management Program.

Congratulations to all of our recipients this year!

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