Sprott Shaw College announces Harvard Business School Online (HBX) Courses


Sprott Shaw College has been training British Columbians in Business skills for over 115 years. We were originally called the “Sprott Shaw Business Institute” and we’ve been offering Business Management, Bookkeeping and Office Administration programs ever since.

We’ve also adapted our curriculum to meet the needs of British Columbians. During World War 2 we trained Military Personal in Morse Code, Radio Broadcasting and even Aviation. After the war we have now become one of the largest private Health Care training institutions in BC in addition to Business, Trades and Design programs.

Sprott Shaw College is continuing its tradition of offering the most relevant, respected programs in BC. We are proud to announce we are the first private College in Canada to offer the HBX CORe curriculum from Harvard Business School’s HBX platform.

Taught online using the HBX platform and instructors, we now provide course offerings in Business Analytics, Economics for Managers and Financial Accounting. These courses will available as an enhanced credential with our existing Business Administration Management, Global Marketing Management and Post-Graduate Business programs.

For more information on Sprott Shaw College’s HBX CORe enhanced programs, inquire online or call toll-free 310-HIRE (4473).

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