Kaitlyn Stewart, Veterinary Assistant

Kaitlyn Stewart VA

What were you doing before attending Sprott Shaw College?

I was working a lot and just looking and trying to find the perfect job for me.

Why did you choose Sprott Shaw College?

I chose Sprott Shaw because not only was the staff extremely helpful at answering any of my questions, but the fact that I can go back and refresh any of my learning from my classes is what really sold me!

How was the admissions process?

Honestly super straightforward and easy, the hardest part was just having to be patient and wait for everything to be set up and ready to go!

What program did you choose and why?

I ended up picking the Veterinary Assistant program because I’ve always wanted to work with animals ever since I was a child. Once I found out there was such a thing as a veterinary assistant, I was totally sold!

What was the environment like during your time at Sprott Shaw College?

Classes at Sprott Shaw were pleasant. My learning was online-only, but any time I went to the campus everybody was super nice and helpful!

Where was your practicum or co-op and how was it?

My practicum was at VCA Island Animal Hospital here in Nanaimo. It was for around 3 weeks or 100 hours! It was good, I most definitely learned a lot during my time there and got to see so many cool and interesting things – I even got to see an eagle!

How long did it take you to find a job after graduation?

I was honestly super fortunate in my job search. I ended up securing a job during the last week of my practicum at a different veterinary clinic, and I was lucky enough to start the following week after my practicum was up!

Where do you work? Can you explain your duties?

I work at Linley Valley Veterinary Clinic, and my duties are a complete range of things! I do reception as well as helping out back with the animals, so I take client histories, help restrain animals for various procedures, do general cleaning duties around the clinic, as well as clean/sterilize instruments and then autoclave them!

If you could give advice to someone coming to Sprott Shaw, what would you say?

ALWAYS use the textbook to study! Especially if it’s an open book exam, the textbook is your best friend!

Kaitlyn Stewart,
Veterinary Assistant program

        Nanaimo Campus

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