Margot Dahling, Paralegal Diploma Program

Margot Dahling, Paralegal Diploma Program student

Why did you choose Sprott Shaw College?

I chose Sprott Shaw College because it was the only school to offer the Paralegal Diploma Program in Nanaimo!

How was the admissions process?

Everyone was very friendly and the process was very smooth.

What program did you choose and why?

I chose the Paralegal Diploma Program because I have had an interest in law as a career since I was 11 years old.

What was the environment like during your time at Sprott Shaw College?

Right now it is still ongoing! But we have been the pioneers on the cutting edge of the e-learning curve. I love in-class instruction, but e-learning is the way of the future and Sprott Shaw is doing a great job integrating it into their programs.

Where was your practicum or co-op and how was it?

My practicum hasn’t even started yet, but I have already been sought out by employers and I still have six months of courses left to finish!

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I have been interested in attending Sprott Shaw for the last few years, but the program that I was really interested in was not available at the Nanaimo Campus.

Skip ahead to the Covid Pandemic and the Paralegal Diploma Program I wanted to take was made available via WebEx (e-learning/online delivery), so maybe some good has come out of the pandemic.

I have felt very supported by the staff at my campus, but I definitely have to give a huge thanks to my Instructor, Anith Miller. Without her and her instruction, I would not have the confidence I do today.

I still have 6 months left of the program and I already have a job awaiting me when I finish. AMAZING!

Margot Dahling,
Paralegal Diploma Program
        Nanaimo Campus

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