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Construction Electrician – Level 4 Accelerated

Construction Electrician

An Electrician is designated as a Construction Electrician under the Inter-Provincial Red Seal program. This ITA-BC Approved modular program provides opportunities for Electrical Apprentice’s to gain employable lifetime skills, and provides employers with a highly trained and experienced workforce, while strengthening British Columbia’s economy.

Electricians work in a wide variety of buildings and facilities. Since electricity is used for a variety of purposes including climate control, security, and communications, Electricians need to be proficient in many applications of electricity. There are three main settings in which Electricians typically work; Construction, Industrial and Institutional.

Electricians have many different responsibilities and tasks that they must carry out in their daily work. They assemble, install, alter, test, and maintain electrical systems designed to provide heat, light, power, control, signal, and fire alarms for all types of buildings and premises. They ensure that all electrical connections are safe and meet the Canadian Electrical Code requirements. This program gives the student the necessary skills to be competitive in all environments.

Level 4 is the fourth year theoretical and hands-on training component of the four-year program. Upon successful completion of the Certificate, students will receive their Certification of Apprenticeship. The Certification of Apprenticeship (is a requirement and) qualifies students to write their IP Red Seal Exam.

Included in the Level 4 program the student will learn high voltage systems, digital electronics, PLC, fire-alarm and security systems, structured cabling systems and CEC. Level 4 will also include a review of the learning objectives from Levels 1-3.

The designated ITA funding is only applicable for registered active sponsored apprentices.

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