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The world of business is constantly changing; you need up-to-date skills to gain a competitive edge. Sprott Shaw College’s programs will equip you for success in any given field. Graduates from our programs can be found working for a diverse range of companies across the globe, evidence that our students will be successful after graduating.

Sprott Shaw College offers a number of business programs, which include:

Administrative Assistant; perform a variety of office duties in support of managerial and professional employers (can be legal or medical setting)
Accounting and Payroll Administrator; maintain employee records and benefits
Business Administration; oversee organizational procedures, set work priorities, and manage admin services
Marketing and Sales Essentials; selling products in order to meet consumer needs
Paralegal; assist lawyers with their daily activities which can include prep for cases, screening clients, and preparing documents

You can complete any of the above programs in as little as a year and a half! Schedule a tour with Sprott Shaw College and with the help of our admissions staff you can start a career that fits you!

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Interested in taking a program at Sprott Shaw? 

Interested in taking a Program at Sprott Shaw?