Have an Eye for Design? Explore Sprott Shaw’s Design Programs

The world of design is creative, visionary, and original. If you have an eye for design, don’t let it go to waste!

At Sprott Shaw, we offer a variety of design programs to satisfy your ingenious aspirations. Our programs include Interior Design, Sustainable Architectural Technologist, Industrial Design, and Computer-Aided Design Technology. Let’s explore the various programs offered!

Interior Design

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Interior design is the art or process of designing the interior design of a space or area.

At Sprott Shaw, the Interior Design program is a 66-week diploma program. This comprehensive program includes themes in the field of interior design including the manipulation of interior spaces and existing buildings. Throughout the program, students will be taught how to develop and master the necessary skills in freehand drawings, digital drawings, and visual presentations. This program is offered with a co-op or practicum placement so students can familiarize themselves with the industry before graduation.

Upon completion of the program, students can work in the field of architecture, interior, set design, exhibition, staging, or construction. Career opportunities with this program include AutoCAD technologist, interior design assistant, interior space designer, project coordinator, and more.

Sustainable Architectural Technologist

Sustainable architecture refers to architecture that seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings. This is done through the efficiency and moderation of materials, energy, and development space in the ecosystem.

Sprott Shaw’s Sustainable Architectural Technologist program is a 66-week diploma program that focuses on concepts like design, materials, and documentation, environmental protection, and sustainability. With an understanding of sustainable design and documentation processes, students are introduced to critical thinking and solution development with relevance to building material systems. Students will also be taught freehand artistry as they develop an understanding of buildings and their integration with natural surroundings.

This program offers a practicum placement allowing students to graduate with experience. Career opportunities with this program include architectural assistant, project coordinator, landscape architect assistant, CAD technologist, and more.

Industrial Design Program

Industrial design refers to the process of developing concepts and designs for manufactured products through techniques of mass production.

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The Industrial Design program at Sprott Shaw is a 66-week diploma program that equips students with relevant knowledge and skills to enter the industry with. This in-depth program trains students with relevant field knowledge in design, materials, manufacturing techniques and processes, and more.

Throughout the program, students will be introduced to the awareness and application of learning with a niche concern for environmental and disability issues. With an understanding of these issues, students will study documentation processes, strategies, and solutions for building systems and cost disciplines. Students will be able to develop and master the skills required for freehand drawings, digital drawings, visual presentations, and balanced and integrated designs.

This program is offered with a co-op or practicum placement, allowing students to gain relevant work experience before they even graduate. Career opportunities after graduation include industrial designer, product designer, digital technologist, prototyping and model maker, and much more.

Computer-Aided Design Technology Program

As suggested by the name, computer-aided design (CAD) technology is the use of computers to help in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design.

If you want to be proficient with CAD systems like AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, and SketchUp, then this program is the right fit for you.

Sprott Shaw’s Computer-Aided Design Technology Program is a 12-week certificate program available for students who want to develop a basic understanding of these software applications. Through the program, students will learn how to create precise drawings, technical illustrations, and 2D and 3D models using CAD software. These models can then be used for design work applications like solid modelling, architectural design, interior design, and industrial product design.

After completion of the program, career opportunities available include AutoCAD Technologist, Revit Technologist, 3D Modelling Technician, and SketchUp Technician.

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