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Are you a people-person? Have you ever wanted to work in the hospitality and/or tourism industry? Does the idea of working at a hotel, cruise ship, or restaurant bring you joy?

If you’re looking for an educational path to help you get there, you’ve come to the right place.

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At Sprott Shaw, the Hospitality programs provide you with the educational background and work experience to thrive in a variety of roles across the industry. We offer a plethora of program options including Hospitality Service, Hospitality Industry Professional, Hospitality Operations, Hospitality Management, and more.

Below, we’ll explore each program in detail and help you figure out which one best suits your career goals and aspirations.

Did we also mention that we’re offering a limited-time grant off of our new hospitality programs? Keep reading to find out how you can save money on your tuition fee!

Hospitality Service Program

If the hospitality industry is new to you, the Hospitality Service program will help you build an introductory-level understanding. This 27-week diploma program is ideal for students who are unfamiliar with the industry or are looking for a short duration program.

All of our hospitality programs are designed to ladder into each other so students can take this program first to build an entry-level understanding, and then upgrade from there.

This program focuses on core hospitality communication skills like making presentations, taking part in meetings, telephoning, practicing critical thinking skills, and more. Throughout this program, students will familiarize themselves with industry-standard communication tools as well as learn essential workforce entry skills including Serving It Right, American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) Guest Service Gold, FoodSafe, and AHLEI Certified Restaurant Server (CRS).

At the end of this program, students will receive the opportunity to complete a 13-week co-op for relevant work experience before graduation.

Hospitality Industry Professional Program

The Hospitality Industry Professional Program best suits the needs of students who are looking for a deeper understanding of the general hospitality industry. This 45-week diploma program includes all the courses featured in the Hospitality Service program and an additional 10 weeks of hospitality electives.

Through two modules in the program, students will grasp an introductory understanding of the hospitality industry and world of food services as well as gain competitive industry skills.

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In the first module, students will learn the concepts and skills covered in the Hospitality Service program through a variety of projects. In these projects, students will apply their newly acquired expertise and knowledge through print and digital presentations. In the second module, students will take 10 weeks of hospitality electives to help boost and build their basic business skills. Upon successful completion of both modules, students will secure a 20-week co-op which allows them to apply the theories and skills learned in class in a practical situation.

For a limited time, incoming students will receive $500 off the cost of tuition.

Hospitality Operations Program

If you’re interested in specializing in hospitality operations, this program will cover exactly will what you’re looking for. The Hospitality Operations program is a 69-week diploma program that includes all the courses covered in the Hospitality Service program and additional courses in Revenue Management and Optimization, Contemporary Marketing, and Sales Strategies.

This program deeply focuses on industry specialization in room division and sales and marketing. Throughout the program, students will gain first-hand operational knowledge of the key centres of a hotel including the front desk, sales and marketing, housekeeping, and revenue management and optimization.

The academic component of this program is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, education, and understanding of the current trends in the hotel and hospitality industry. To further reinforce this component, students will receive the opportunity to create employment packages, conduct informational interviews, attend employment fairs, and participate in research. Upon completion of this component, students will be able to work in a 30-week co-op opportunity for relevant work experience.

From the Hospitality Operations program, students will earn a variety of American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) certificates and other recognized certificates to enhance their career opportunities. Students will be able to earn the following certificates: START Certified Restaurant Server, Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics (CHIA), AHLEI Rooms Division Specialization, and AHLEI Marketing and Sales Specialization.

For a limited time, incoming students will receive $1,000 off the cost of tuition.

Hospitality Management Program

The Hospitality Management diploma program is ideal for students who want to take on managerial roles in the hospitality industry. This 91-week program includes all the courses from the Hospitality Operations program and additional courses in Management Leadership, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Online Engagement Practices. 

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In addition to the concepts and skills covered in Hospitality Operations, students will be equipped to carry out hospitality sales and marketing activities for hotels and restaurants with a focus on social media marketing and online engagement.

Before the end of the program, students will receive the opportunity to work in a 40-week co-op opportunity. Upon completion of the program, students will earn the following certificates: Serving It Right, START Certified Restaurant Server, AHLEI Guest Service Gold, FoodSafe, START Certified Front Desk Representative, START Certified Guestroom Attendant, Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics, AHLEI Rooms Division Specialization, AHLEI Marketing and Sales Specialization, and an AHLEI-Certified Diploma.

For a limited time, incoming students will receive $2,000 off the cost of tuition.

Are you still considering whether you should take our Hospitality programs? Our programs offer several other advantageous features including:

  • Career and professional development success courses to help create a career development marketing plan, learn the cardinal rules of professionalism, and identify the target markets and employment resources for the hospitality industry 
  • Preparation and orientation courses to teach you how to find credible research, write papers, create proper citation formats including APA, and study effectively for exams
  • Hospitality certificates including Guest Service Gold, FoodSafe, AHLEI Marketing and Sales Specialization, START Certified Front Desk Representative, and more  
  • Access to Employment Services Specialists (ESS) who can help you with resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, and the job search after graduation
  • Co-op opportunities with hospitality employers across British Columbia including Parq Vancouver, Delta Vancouver Hotels, Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Best Western Hotels, Howard Johnson Hotels, River Rock Casino Resort, Coast Coal Harbour Hotel, Destinations North America, Earl’s Kitchen and Bar Restaurants, Discover Canada Tours, and more
  • Access to American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) courses to enhance your globally recognized hospitality education and training

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