Thanks to You, We’re Learning Online!

Like many other post-secondary schools in BC and across the country, we at Sprott Shaw, needed to quickly transition from in-person to online learning due to the unprecedented global situation the world is in right now.

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In any unforeseen situation, there are no manuals or guides on how to carry out this transition without any hiccups. However, thanks to the patience and understanding of our students and the commitment and dedication of our staff and instructors, we were able to successfully transition our classes online with very minimal setbacks.

As this new normal will probably continue for an uncertain period of time, we should not let this put our lives on hold – which is why we are now also offering online programs for our new and incoming students. We want you to know that we are still here for you – even through all of these uncertainties and challenges that come with life. For these students, we are now offering online admissions and the opportunity to start online learning. With this new delivery, students will be able to attend remote and interactive “face-to-face” instructor-led classes in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

As a testament to our successful transition from in-person to online learning, read what a few of our students had to say about the new learning delivery below.

First of all, I am thankful to [Sprott Shaw] for providing online classes during a very difficult time while the COVID-19 Pandemic is spreading all over the world. Personally, I have a very good time on WebEx online classes as it allows me to keep continuing my studies. I didn’t feel a big difference between physical classes or online classes. The service is very appropriate to involve all the students at the same time. I have communication with the instructor on audio and video calls. The instructor’s voice is very clear. When she uses G2 on a screen, it looks very clear and helps me better understand. She is thorough and ensures that all of us understand the course. Her enthusiasm and support make us confident in making our assignments and projects while being stress-free at the same time. That helps bring out our creativity in the class.”

Farhat, Surrey Campus
Early Childhood Education Basic

“I enjoyed the transition to WebEx sessions from a traditional classroom setting. For one, it is convenient. No getting up to drive to school, I can start at a time most convenient to everyone and most importantly, we are in the comfort of our own homes. Secondly, although I don’t have my classmates around physically, it still feels like they are there and we are all attending a virtual class. We can talk to each other about our class subject matter, the same as we did when we were in the classroom. I feel that WebEx makes use of our time better as there were fewer distractions (not counting when our kids would come over to investigate what we were doing or to ask for food!). Although some students faced issues such as loss or slow internet connection, the sessions that [my instructor] conducted were fun and interactive and personally, I have enjoyed using WebEx so much and hope the next courses would be conducted in such a way.

Sherin, Surrey Campus
Medical Office Administrator Accelerated

“[WebEx] is really good and makes our studying smooth. I really appreciate [the WebEx platform] that Sprott Shaw College offered to us as an alternative learning delivery and their continued hard work and strong support for us. [My instructor] also gives us good lectures and warm greetings every day. You make our lives better during this tough time.

Nancy, Vancouver – Seymour Campus
Early Childhood Education

“My name is Sarah, and I am a student at Sprott Shaw College. I enjoy the upbeat positivity the school atmosphere brings to students. Due to the current pandemic with COVID-19, we have all had to be flexible in regards to our switch to online schooling. Though this change was a little difficult the first week, when everyone was figuring out how to work their electronic devices, we managed to attend classes as normal and continue with our learning. I strongly believe if it weren’t for the little bit of normalcy that being online brings to all of us, it would be difficult to cope with the social isolation that we are currently experiencing. I would like to thank Sprott Shaw on behalf of all of the Community Support Worker students of the Abbotsford Campus for allowing us to continue our programs. When someone takes the time to recount a positive experience, it speaks volumes.”

Sarah, Abbotsford Campus
Community Support Worker – Social Services

Sprott Shaw College is making the best effort into ensuring that students have their online education at the best possible quality. One thing that impressed me about online learning is if I have a question, there is always a quick response. Danielle, our ECE instructor, did a good job of communicating and making it a more intimate arrangement for us. I am grateful for their commitment and support in delivering quality education in this difficult time.”

Mieralecita, New Westminster Campus
Early Childhood Education

WebEx is a great way to do class from the comfort and safety of our homes. While we are self-isolating, it is so nice to see my instructor and classmates and have that social connection. It has been a perfect way to lift my spirits and give me a mental health boost. I find that it’s easy to learn still and we have all strengthened our communication skills using this format. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be involved in the WebEx classes.”

Jessica, Penticton Campus
Early Childhood Education Basic

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