Working with Children with Special Needs

We recently spoke to Joshua, one of our Community Support Worker Instructors, about special needs children and the Social Services program at Sprott Shaw College.

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What does “special needs” mean?

“Special needs is a term that encompasses all children with exceptionalities.”

Is classifying a child as “special needs” an easy process?

“Of course, labelling and classification of children lead to controversy and stigma. Not everybody fits neatly into a category. It is, however, important to get a diagnosis for children to obtain services and so that professionals can communicate effectively with each other.”

How does the curriculum of the Community Support Worker – Social Services program cover special needs?

“The CSW program covers a range of disabilities from emotional/behavioural disorders like anxiety/depression, mania, schizophrenia, addiction, etc.) to learning disorders and even mental retardation. We cover specific disorders like autism, pervasive developmental delay, down syndrome, and others.”

Sprott Shaw College has several programs that have courses related to children with exceptionalities including Social Services, Special Education Teaching Assistant and Early Childhood Education.

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