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Computer Aided Design Technology

This program gives the student the skills and occupational competencies necessary to work and manage in the with design software used in the interior architectural and industrial design fields.

At the end of this program the student will have developed a basic understanding and the fundamental skills of the following applications and software:

• AutoCAD
• Revit/BIM
• SketchUp

This course contributes to the development of the following core competencies:

• Knowledge and use of the latest industry-leading Computer Aided Designs software
• Accelerate your professional development and credibility towards your career success
• Acquire an industry-recognized credential that shows your proven skill level and can get you hired in your chosen industry field

Upon completion of the Computer Aided Design Technology certificate, students wishing to further proceed to the Diploma in Sustainable Architectural Technologist, Diploma in Interior Design or the Diploma in Industrial Design can do so directly after completion of the certificate and will be eligible for accreditation based on the chosen Diploma program and its course syllabus and prerequisites.

Learning Objectives

Computer Aided Design Technology graduates are able to:

• Use AutoCAD and Revit to create precision drawings and technical illustrations
• Create 2-dimensional models using AutoCAD software
• Use Revit to design 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional buildings and structures
• Create 3-dimensional rendered models using SketchUp for applications such as architectural, interior design, and industrial product design