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Industrial Design

Industrial Product Designer Program

The Industrial Design program prepares the students for employment in the Industrial & Product Design industry.

The Industrial Design Program offers a strong foundation of knowledge and skills so that students can enter this diverse industry as an apprentice. This intensive program teaches students the core subjects they will need in the field of industrial design; design, materials, manufacturing techniques and processes. Students are introduced to the awareness, understanding, ability and application learning level with strong emphasis on environmental and disability issues. Develop their knowledge and skills in the supporting application such photography, branding, business principles on cost and profitability, marketing and documentation. These describe the degree of content student should achieve after graduation. In
order to be prepared for their career in the industry.

Career opportunities can include in various diversified fields of product designs: from everyday things, objects, furniture, lighting, lifestyles, games, toys and many others, Technical skills in handling hand and power precision tools to produce prototypes and model making. Venture to innovative and creative products and inventions on a personal level and achieve success.