The ECE Learning Experience from the Perspective of Former Students

Finding the Perfect Early Childhood Education Program for You

Are you beginning to start your journey towards becoming an Early Childhood Educator (ECE)? Before you can even start your career, you need to start your training and education.

Finding the perfect early childhood education program isn’t always easy. There are a few factors to consider when making the decision on which program to take – and it’s different for every person. Some might consider and prioritize campus location and class schedule, while others might value the quality of instructors or even student reviews even more. All of these elements and more play an important part in helping you decide which early childhood education program you should take and at which school.

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At Sprott Shaw College, our Early Childhood Education programs support you on your way to becoming a qualified Early Childhood Educator and forging a real difference in the lives of the children you teach and work with. We have a variety of Early Childhood Education programs including ECE Basic, ECE Post-Basic, ECE Infant Toddler, ECE Post-Basic Children with Exceptionalities, ECE Montessori, and much more.

The ECE Training Experience at Sprott Shaw From the Perspective of Former Students

After graduating from our Early Childhood Education programs, many of our students go on to pursue successful careers as Early Childhood Educators.

Hear from two of our past students on their learning experience at Sprott Shaw below.

Before studying at Sprott Shaw, Jen Renaud was a stay-at-home mom. She tells us that when she first inquired, she “originally went in for a meeting with the advisor to discuss the Administration programs. But then, [they] had such a great talk where [her advisor] really encouraged [her] to think about what [she] really wanted to do, and what [her] passions are. When [the advisor] presented [her] with the Early Childhood Education program, [she] couldn’t believe that [she] had never thought of that as a career before! [She] wouldn’t be where [she] is today without that conversation. Literally, life-changing.

As a student, Jen says that the “Early Childhood Education program at the [Abbotsford] campus is phenomenal. The instructor, Gail, is supportive, patient, and generous with her time and experience. Some of the classes are challenging, but Gail works hard to break everything down so each student is fully supported in reaching their potential. [Gail] uses hands-on examples and assignments that encourages [her students] to reach a deeper understanding of the material and practical experiences to ensure each student is capable and confident applying the material to their practice in the real world.”

To any aspiring ECEs, Jen says that “for anyone who hopes to have a career as an educator, and to feel like the work they do has value and contributes to the healthy education of young children, [Sprott Shaw] is the place to be! You will finish your program feeling prepared, supported, and ready to move into this career. The campus itself is great – it is small and comfortable with lots of one-on-one support with fantastic and knowledgeable staff, from finances and loans to resume and career prep, they will help you from day one until you land the job you want!

Sultana Sazia Afrin is another Early Childhood Education student from our Richmond campus. She says that “Sprott Shaw is a great campus. It’s small, but the environment is very friendly. The director is very active and frequently visits the classrooms to interact with the students. The instructors are helpful, as they are very flexible, and they do their best to accommodate their students. I highly recommend this college for ECE students.”

What Is Included in Sprott Shaw’s ECE Programs?

We make it a priority to make the learning experience for our students a supportive and nurturing one. At Sprott Shaw, all of our Early Childhood Education programs consist of a variety of student benefits including access to Employment Services Specialists, lifetime course refreshers and skills upgrading, skills and strategies for student and career success, and ongoing intakes.

Our dedicated Employment Services Specialists (ESS) can help you secure practicum and co-op placements, and even help you find a job after you graduate. Throughout your job search process, our ESS can also support you with resume and cover letter writing as well as help you brush up on your interview skills. If you have an interview coming up, our ESS can help you with mock interviews to make sure that you’re fully prepared for it. As an alumni of Sprott Shaw, you will have lifetime access to our ESS.

The skills and strategies for student and career success course included in all of our programs provide you with the competence and knowledge for success in your educational, professional, and personal lives. Some of the topics covered in this course include time-management strategies, effective studying and test-taking skills, financial literacy skills, wellness and self-care, career preparation strategies, and much more.

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Being able to wait until January or September to start your education is not something everyone has the luxury of doing. One of the best advantages of choosing Sprott Shaw for your early childhood education training is that we have rolling intakes so you don’t need to wait a year or even half a year to start. Depending on when you inquire, you could even start as early as next week or next month! 

Having to commute over an hour to campus – especially in British Columbia’s rainforest-like climate – is not always fun. Sprott Shaw College has 16 campuses across BC, so you have the opportunity to attend any campus location that is convenient for you.

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